Burn Fire Burn

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Roland Electronic Drums


Roland TD 20 Electronic Drum Set

The story of this set is quite a serious one. 

In 2008 I was in England visiting a friend. We were one the way home from a Halloween Party (yes, the boys were drunk but the girl was driving) we all of a sudden on the wax home were frontally hit by a car coming against us and loosing grip on the slippery street. It was completely unreal when the air bags went off … none of us were severely injured since it was a brand new car … but heck, we were lucky that nothing severe happened. 

What was remarkable was the fact that the English police and emergency staff were so caring and friendly, I felt so good taken care of!

After that when I came home I needed a treat since I just escaped death!

So an electronic set it was … I recorded the drum tracks of „Burn Fire Burn“ with this set.

Drums 2

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