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Even Ypounger Andreas
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Early 2000

Musik was my first love … well not 100% true, but Music is what keeps me going, be it in the car, at home or elsewhere.

I started my drumming career aged 15 and since then I never really stopped drumming. 

Immediately I looked for a Band and even found one. From that on I always played more or less with other people forming the several bands where I played on stage and with some even recorded Albums!

But after a few moves due to my work life (which is also interesting but not for here) I ended up having not so much possibilities to play in Bands anymore.

So I started writing my own Music and you find glimpses of my Songs and the links to the streaming sites where you can download the song(s) right on they web page.

Mainly I want to take you on a journey through my musical life … from the early beginnings in 1979 through its peak in the late 1980ies and the more current activities in the 2020ies.

So enjoy the trip, there is stories, pictures and music … loads of music will be available here soon … and DRUMS, really very much of it :-)

Drums 2

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